Sheet Metal Processing, oxycutting, calendaring, plasma cutting, laser cutting, bending.

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Processing of wear-resistant and
heavy plate sheet metals

Teardrop pattern – striated pattern – perforated – galvanized sheet metals

Large dimension fiber laser cutting

Tecnosider S.r.l. offers a highly innovative system for large dimension fiber laser cutting on ferrous materials, steels and special alloys. Utilizing the laser machine with new fiber technology, equipped with a powerful 5000 W generator, we are able to create large sized pieces of up to 6 meters, and small sized elements, ensuring the highest cutting quality in both cases.

Cut dimensions up to 2500×6000 mm

Cut thicknesses up to 20 mm

taglio laser brescia

Cut dimensions up to 3000×12000 mm

Cut thicknesses up to 35 mm

CNC plasma cutting

Utilizing the latest generation workshop of CNC machinery, Tecnosider S.r.l. offers accurate and high definition plasma cutting. This process creates extremely precise finished pieces, which are characterized by reduced warping and optimum flatness and perforation. As with the large dimension fiber laser cutting, plasma cutting, too, is perfect both for small sheets and large slabs.

CNC oxycutting

To create shaped cuts and plates in iron, steel and special alloys, guaranteeing the highest production quality, Tecnosider S.r.l. offers high-tech CNC pantograph machinery. Large cutting tables allow the processing of large dimension sheets, with maximum thicknesses of 300 mm. Quality, accuracy and diligence characterize this service, which is particularly appreciated by our clientele.

Cut dimensions up to 3500×15000 mm

Cut thicknesses up to 300 mm

Lenghts up to 3000 mm
Thicknesses up to 40 mm

Hydraulic CNC calendering

Tecnosider S.r.l. is equipped with a technologically advanced hydraulic CNC calender machine for the cold curving of sheet metal, ideal for the creation of ferrules and cone-shaped trunks Precision, versatility and automation allow the processing of a wide range of thicknesses and lengths of materials to obtain products of high technical quality.

Hydraulic CNC bending

The technological equipment of the company includes hydraulic CNC bending machines, characterized by a high pressing power (400TON). Thanks to these machines, we process items in steel with a maximum length of 6,000 mm with 10 mm thicknesses, or we perform bending on lengths of 2,500 mm with 20 mm thicknesses and including a wide range of different profiles.

Sheet metal warehouse

The sheet metal warehouse one of the strong points of Tecnosider S.r.l., because the warehouse is very well supplied with an assortment of materials: any type of steel is available here in different formats, from heavy plate to coils, to respond to the most varied needs. The stocks include various classes of structural steels, Strenx high strength steels, wear-resistant Hardox steel, Corten and boiler steels, as well as AISI stainless steel. All sheet metals are available in tear drop shaped, striated, perforated and galvanized formats.